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Planet Extra Butter by infinityunbound Planet Extra Butter by infinityunbound

The Planet Extra Butter was a Catato world that was annexed by the Furries after the “Fistful of Potatoes” conflict. It’s position was solidified after “The Stone Age” debacle. In the beginning Extra Butter was a Solack outpost named so because of a labeling mishap. In short- the dinner orders got crossed with the chief surveyor’s report. When asked if the chief had come up with a name for the planet during dinner- the chief surveyor mistook the tablet for the menu and typed in “Extra Butter” under specifications.


The name stuck…


Due to a complete lack of recourses – the small planet was quickly abandoned and nothing further was done until the Catato moved in. After being Terraformed by the Catato- Extra Butter went from a lifeless rock to a vibrant ecosystem teaming with exotic life. The Catatoes introduced many new plants and animals as well as mineral formations to the new world that spurred the growth of life. This mixed bag of life from across the Galaxy is common place on Catato and Solack Worlds. Such random mixes led to the creation of very odd and unique worlds. Extra Butter has 2 moons. Rio and Nago. Both lifeless rock moons are in many ways reminiscent of Extra Butter before it was Terraformed.


Extra Butter has a short but violent history. During the Fistful of Potatoes, the Furries launched a desperate attempt to bum rush the Catato off Extra Butter. But getting rid of the Catato is never an easy feat. For one thing- the Catato are every bit as much of an agricultural pest as they are a militant race. Once a planet is infested they are harder to get rid of than roaches. And the Catatoes are most at home in their bunker like subterranean cities that can go down for more than a mile under a planet’s surface. These cities in many ways resemble the great super colonies that ants make. But these are far more modernized than ants- most notably the Moissonneuses.


In short- the Catato have to be burnt or gassed out. And even that is not a sure fire solution. Many speculate that hidden Catato buckers exist, where the Catato can hibernate for decades until they are called upon to fight. In theory- their armies might then be able to simply tunnel out of the ground years after any war and thus get a jump on an enemy. Indeed some small bunkers have been found meeting this rough description. But no large bunkers have ever been discovered to confirm the rumors.


And then there is the Solack. Extra butter still boarders Solack space. And where there are Catato- the Solack are rarely far behind. It was on Extra Butter that the Catato resistance launched a last ditch effort to hold the planet. There Catato Commander Paprika charged into battle with the last of the Catato reserve. There they were all cut down by awaiting Furry infantry. But the suicide charge itself was a distraction. Several Solack infiltrators led by a Solack Super Weapon named Dosviotoss blitzed the Furries mech bays and power plants. This crippled the Furries war machine but didn’t have the effect of blacking out the base as the Solack had planned. Dismayed by the apparent existence of a tertiary backup power system – the Solack called in what was to be their last hurrah. A Solack orbital cannon that was supposed to wipe them all out, should they fail to route the Furries. But the orbital cannon never came. It was attacked and destroyed by the Furries before it could reach Extra Butter. The Furries had found out about the orbital cannon while it was in transport and ambushed it along with it’s escorts.


Silenced- the small Solack strike force met it’s end and Extra Butter was lost to the Furries. Because of the ongoing wars and politics- the Solack did not make a second attempt. And the Catato did not wish to try and retake a world that was so far away from the Catato Rind worlds. Since then, fighting did briefly pick up again during The Stone Age war. But Extra Butter was not retaken. Since then no one has made a run at the Planet which now houses several Furry reserve battalions. This makes it unlikely that Extra Butter will see anymore action anytime soon.


Planet Extra Butter - Concept, Stories, and Art © Infinity Unbound
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PeaTree-Creations Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Excellent work!
infinityunbound Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014
thank you! :D needs re shading though-
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