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January 3, 2013
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Alara Star Fighter by infinityunbound Alara Star Fighter by infinityunbound
Disappearing and reappearing behind patches of clouds a small group of Alara fighters glide silently thorough the midnight sky. Together they pass almost unnoticed over oceans and towns below. Very few are ever even aware that the ghostlike aircraft were ever there. They seem more phantom than fighter. Most of the time it’s only their distortion trail that tells of their presence.

Just as much as work of art as a fighter, the Alara is an all-purpose partially-sentient Variable-sweep wing drone capable of reaching speeds of up to mach 5. (So it’s not the fastest thing out there.) However it is simply unmatched in its physics deifying maneuverability. Lots of Terran aircraft can reach mach 8 and above, but only the Solack Alara can go from mach 5 to a dead stop and hover motionless in place. And the Alara can then fly straight up at top speed from a dead stop all at a 90 degree angle. As if not bad enough an Alara can also swing around effortlessly to face any direction at any time.

In fact the Alara can do many seemingly impossible things thanks to its manipulation of gravity. That’s the real secret! It’s not just equipped with anti-gravity devices but also gravity manipulation devices. Devices that can stop the g-forces from ripping the very light craft apart. -The product of the newest advances in Solack force field and gravity well projection. No other aircraft can match the Alara’s god like maneuverability.

Like most Solack technology the Alara is equipped with shields that also act as both a cloaking device AND a phase-shifting unit. This means not only is the Alara invisible; but it can pass through other matter while cloaked and shielded. The only downside being linked usage. If the energy shield is damaged beyond 50% neither the cloak nor the phase ability will work. To recharge an Alara must go back to it’s conventional drives that give off distortion.

The Alara is a drone fighter but can seat a single pilot if needed (for example a rescue.) However the fuselage is unnervingly small, with room to lie down only. The fuselage is located at the bottom center of the craft –this supplements the false cockpit located front and center on top of the craft containing only basic sensors. And oh yeah... No Ejection seats... So if you get shot down you WILL die. The completely autonomous Alara was never meant to house a pilot in the first place.

The Alara is both a Star fighter and an Aero fighter. It is armed with quad anti-mech rotary cannons that deliver devastating damage at a blinding speed with no recycle time! Allowing the Alara to mow down waves of enemies as needed. The projectiles themselves are small metal beams made of an ultra hard alloy, and fired at close to the speed of light. The explosive force of these ultra ballistics can badly puncture and distort even the most versatile armors and energy shielding. Solack rotary cannons are particularly good at causing multi-level catastrophic explosive decompression. –A death sentence in space for most smaller starships. The Alara can lay into a target until it runs out of ammo. Though the Alara can slowly regenerate it’s own ammo supply if its replicators have enough energy. - However… This taxes the energy needed for shields. It’s all about energy usage. For that reason Alaras do very poorly on their own. They need to be backed up by other units in order to give their reactors a break. The Alara is tiny. Their wingspan is less than 50 feet across when fully extended. Their power source is equally small at only 2 feet tall. That small power crystal has to power everything on the Alara. And although it can do so for a very long time, strategy is still very important. Excess drain can leave an Alara helpless.

Last but certainly not least, the Alara has one more very impressive trick up it’s sleeves. The Alara can transform into a crawling vehicle to act as an anti-armor support unit! When in (crawler mode) the much smaller profiled Alara can effectively infiltrate buildings, helping to capture enemy structures from the inside rather than sending infantry into harms way. The Alara makes short work of base or ship defenders. Starships are particularly vulnerable to Alara hull penetration and system infiltration. The major advantage being most races cannot survive in the vacuum of space, the Alara can. When toned down the Alara’s cannons also come in handy in close range fights with the defending enemy crew. And if all else fails, the Alara can always fly back out and hit the ship with one of the 3 nova bombs it keeps on hand. The crawler mode is also very useful for hiding and storage purposes. It’s folded up and very flexible crawler mode makes it easy to store by the hundreds. When in crawler mode an Alara can also use it’s wings as large scythes to mow down infantry. Alaras are also equipped with thin fission cutters that dramatically increase damage. These cutters are useful when slicing through locked doors or carving open new pathways through the decks of enemy ships. (So much for running around gathering different colored security cards…) When in flight, the energy cutters make useful weapons against micro-craft.

Truly the Alara is a well thought out killing machine. Worthy of the Solack Empire!

The Solack Alara © Infinity Unbound 1995
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ToddNTheShiningSword Dec 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like the blue trails coming out the backs
Yes they are full of vapor.
Thanks! I try to draw aircraft whenever I can but there's not a whole lot of fans for technical readouts.
Technical read outs mean you have to read and that is work:iconbucktooothplz:
Yup! You nailed it! Long boring blocks of text = negative 2 views! That's what I get for bothering to write story or descriptions will all my stuff. Thing of beauty.  :  )

You know- DA needs to have a literature option WITH full pictures and alternate categories. God forbid anyone might want to attempt story and art at the same time. I know... I'm crazy. Last night I dreamed of a chocolate bar with peanut butter in it.

How dare you dream of chocolate and peanut butter together!:iconfrageplz:

DA is not in the business of doing useful updates.
Instead they fuck up the forum and complicate comment replies.

If they did do that though, I think it would really help people post their technical details
and character information.

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