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Madness is a Gift. This is the box it comes in.
This is a response to some recent Feminazi garbage going around trying to use gays to protect themselves from deserved criticism after a massive anti-male shit talking campaign. Feeling I can stay quiet no longer, I’d just like to toss in my lot with freedom against fascism. And that is to say…


Hi! I’m Bob! I’m a Swedish/Spaniard bisexual male. I’m a botanist (yes flowers -fuck you if you don't like it), major in biology, and I am not your fucking shield!


No Feminist sub-human animal represents nor speaks for me!

You don’t own me.
Who I am and what I say are valid.
My race is valid.
My gender is valid.
I am valid.
As a bisexual I do not “belong in a gas chamber” as feminists have suggested.  
My human rights matter. The opinions of fascists don’t. 

I am NOT against gamers (I am one) I think Feminists are bullshit, and I can make up my own damn mind about what does and does not offend me. But you know what does offend me? Racist Feminist assholes! Particularly when they try to “represent me.” They cannot. No Nazi can. I sincerely hope feminists wise the hell up and try reading books instead of burning them.

End of line.


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The Meta Shifter by infinityunbound
The Meta Shifter

So recently got inspired by a convo with :icontalongrasp: that started me thinking about what Chops and indeed all Shifters look like in their default or (Meta) state. For a long time I had forgotten how stunning and powerful their default non-humanoid form is. Normally I think of Chops in this form…

But she only takes that form to please Tromili. And so I’ve been neglecting to show Chops as she and the other Shifters truly are. And they are pretty awesome.



So here it is! In all it’s glory! A Meta Shifter! – or to put it another way. A Shifter in it’s natural default form. Basically it’s a metallic shark cobra puddle. One that’s nearly indestructible say for a few weaknesses. Namely high voltage shocks, extreme hot or cold, and energy weapons. Although flamethrowers do nothing unless they are plasmatic. Also prolonged exposure to water can hurt a Shifter. Other than that- very little can irk these very combat effective changelings. No bullet can harm them. Explosives do nothing. Cutting them into pieces only multiplies your problems. Chemical and biological weapons are also useless. And most nukes can’t even affect the tougher ones. The heat and radiation do very little. Worse is the fact that Shifters can become any technology they touch. Any weapon they acquire. –Any vehicle they entire. But it’s not just brute force that makes Shifters so deadly.


All Shifters- even half breeds like Chops, are part of a mass collective. The one. The Mass. They can and often do have access to vast banks of knowledge. When merged they have the combined talents and experiences of their entire race. Eons of knowledge. Good if- and only if- they put it to good use. Knowing something and having the ability/common sense to apply it- are two entirely different things. And when a Shifter chooses to enter a singular form it loses most of that data as well. It becomes an individual. And must thusly use and acquire it’s own knowledge and wisdom utilizing it’s own personality. For a Shifter life as an individual is kind of like camping. They are (mostly) cut off from what they would call “civilization.”


But here you have it- a singular Shifter in its “true” form. It’s size is dependent on how much mass it has acquired or lost. There are big Shifters that can turn into giant starships. And ones so small they can turn into a mouse. But it takes time to either acquire or lose mass. To consume or to purge matter. And on that note- it should be noted that Shifters don’t eat. They don’t biologically need to. In fact when they want to take on mass they usually just suck up metal and dirt. But tell that to Chops- whom eats like piggy. Although She rarely eats “people” food. What she likes as a snack is spiders, papers, roaches, tin foil, things that fall on the floor, or the raw ingredients of food. Flour- eggs- sugar– etc.


Which brings up another good point. Shifters have no Gender. But like the Myjikaa and  Machina- Shifters do tend to self identify with one or the other as they feel. Because when you’re a Shifter or a Machina… You’re literally whatever you want to be at the moment. And if you’re Myjikaa you’re both male and female at the same time. So go figure! Fluid Gender. –It actually makes for more fun in the bedroom – although most Shifters are entirely Asexual in behavior. Chops being the strong exception. And Shifters can become anything they like. Oddly enough this includes the use and often the form of fire, water, and electricity. But these dangerous forms are carefully managed of course! Like a human carrying a boiling pot of water – they are careful not to hurt themselves.


Overall I find them very interesting! And their Meta State worthy of notice.




Meta Shifters - Concept, Stories, and Art © Infinity Unbound
No: Sampling, Sharing, Rendering, Tracing, Editing, Distributing, Reproducing, Re-uploading, Copying,
Or any other forms of stealing

Weapon Of Hate by infinityunbound
Weapon Of Hate

I love my Tromili.


Ultimate of Ultimates- He’s essentially hate shaped like a humanoid.

No weapon can stop Tromili. -Because you cannot destroy destruction. It takes something… More… Something that requires intellect, calm, and discipline.


A Solack Ultimate Weapon- Tromili is only as powerful as the violence used against him. His power is reliant on physical force and aggression. The more violence you use - the stronger he gets! Thus no amount of force can truly kill him! Matching force for force - He can be slain. But he regenerates on the spot from a pile of black tar sand. He is then immune to whatever killed him.


Parrot bite = Immune to parrots.

Beaten to death = Immune to blunt force trauma.

Shot to death = Immune to ballistic weapons.

Blown up by missile == Immune to high explosives.

Gassed/Poisoned = Immune to chemical attack.

Infected = Immune to biological agents.

Melted = Immune to heat.

Nuked = Immune to radiation.

And so on…


Worse still- he acquires the strength and attributes of the weapons or force used against him… He then mimics their destructive abilities.


Fire a machine gun at him- Guess who can produce and fire machine gun rounds now?

Nuke him- Guess who can go off like a bomb and level an entire continent?


This talent for destruction comes in handy as most armies are puzzled and demoralized when facing Tromili. Violence just doesn’t work! And most nations are fascist police states. Most soldiers and hero units are mindless baboons. Relying solely on force. All they know is murder and violence. That’s the only way most races (in particular humans) know to solve their problems. Stripped of being able to use violence as a tool- most nations fall to such Ultimate Weapons. And Tromili is the worst. They never figure out what they are doing wrong until it’s too late…


No weapon can stop Tromili. Because you cannot destroy destruction. Only creation can combat destruction. Only Tranquility can counter chaos. Only Compassion can quell hatred. How to stop Tromili is actually somewhat simple- but there are very few beings left that are smart enough to figure it out.


No matter how you look at it, Tromili is unique. Even his form is a lie. Most of the core of his body technically isn’t even there. He’s more like an ill will in a metal suit than an individual. Like black mush in a shell of metal and flesh. To be more precise he is a sentient collection of quantum entangled partials of pan dimensional exotic matter that anchors itself to this plane of existence via Tromili’s altered soul stone. His soul stone acts as a beacon to this odd matter. Tromili can become all but invincible because the worse he is struck, the less anchored the exotic matter at his core becomes. As this dimensional matter is stuck, it becomes more phased and thus less affected by normal matter/antimatter. However- this effect is elastic in nature. When Tromili is not under attack for awhile, his body becomes normal again.


Whenever Tromili is vaporized his non-tangible aspects take over. His core particles are simply blown back to their places of origin spread out across the universe via quantum tunneling of entangled particles. After a few seconds they are recalled into place by their elsewhere companion particles and reassembled according to their prior formatting. Like a rubber band they are drawn to the same place they were knocked back away from. To ensure the same fate does not befall them again- they come back partially phased. The phase amount and type increases as needed. It’s simple- but highly effective. In other words Tromili is (nearly) immortal.


Well- he is immune to being killed anyway… But his soul stone like all Solack soul stones is still mortal. And eventually will become too corrupted with random errors to carry out it’s programming. And Tromili will eventually die of old age. Just like any other Solack. When that happens, his anchored particles will break away and find a new host of similar compatibly. The next generation… But until then- Tromili is very much alive. And enjoying being an unstoppable engine of destruction.


He also likes kitties for some reason and eats mostly fishes.


But yeah! Tromili! Totally random-



Tromili - Concept, Stories, and Art © Infinity Unbound
No: Sampling, Sharing, Rendering, Tracing, Editing, Distributing, Reproducing, Re-uploading, Copying,
Or any other forms of stealing

Torvotyrannus Color Scheme 1 by infinityunbound
Torvotyrannus Color Scheme 1

Basic Torvotyrannus Variant #1



The (Mustard Yellow) type is the standard of all Torvo. It is the most common type short of the basic Zero. It has no strengths, but it has no weaknesses either. It’s popular as a base type for garrison quality infantry. If you have the misfortune to be birthed a Mustard Type- chances are your career isn’t going far in life. Indeed most Mustard Yellows remain over glorified security guards their entire lives. Still- No one within the Torvo ranks EVER looks down on this minor class.


The Mustard Yellows are known for being particularly suborn and difficult to defeat in close quarters combat. Once inside a structure they’re dug in like ticks. They are VERY hard to remove! And anyone stupid enough to challenge them to a dual usually learns the error of their ways – by dying. In short- Respect the working man of the Torvo forces. Only a fool doesn’t. They have a job to do! And they do it well!


Many direct combat units have been produced over the years- But none as effective or prevalent as the Mustard Yellow. They have yet to be replaced- and probably never will. They’re an oldie but goodie.



 History of the Torvotyrannus


The Torvotyrannus

The Torvo are the be all- end all of biomechanical weapons. They are the ultimate soldier. With the strength of 10 men. They can go weeks without eating or drinking.

They don’t sleep.

They don’t feel fear.

They don’t feel pain.

They can’t get sick.

They can’t get poisoned.

They can’t die of old age.

They don’t get mental disorders.

They don’t have families.

They don’t have remorse.

They never get tired.

They have no gender.

The have no sexuality.

They never get stressed.


They –are –death.


They’re bodies are so hard they can even survive in the vacuum of space. A Torvotyrannus can run at a top speed of over 35 miles per hour and maintain the chase for 48 hours without stopping. The only thing that limits them is their energy intake needs. In other words they can run and fight until failure point. They can also live comfortably under burning suns or in frozen wastelands. They can walk on walls and ceilings. Plus they’re radar stealth when standing still.

As Soldiers the Torvotyrannus are simply unmatched. They are immensely loyal cunning and agile. From the moment they exit the hydroponics bay where they are birthed; they are lethal. Their pre-dubbed minds contain basic combat training as instinct. This basic training and elementary education is hardwired into their DNA as written instructions. This process is similar in function to the innate ability to breathe or walk. And they can walk within minutes of their birthing as well. From that time- they are taught many forms of martial arts combined with gymnastics. The schooling they receive between their physical training focuses on science and philosophy. They are not just tough- they are smart troopers as well. Each one is a master of survival and combat. –But also a brilliant scientist and mathematician. For their minds are as equally impressive as their bodies. Their massive battering ram heads hold an equally massive brain like nerve cluster that has more computational power than any other race. In short- they are born natural scholars. It’s a shame really that the only way they can express their intellect is through weaponry and combat. But then again- that’s how they were programmed. By humans no less…

Indeed- Long ago they were engineered by man to be that way. Their father (Eli Tacnoff) took great pride in his new master race of soldiers. They were every bit as disciplined, loyal, and lethal as he had hoped… Too bad that was only when the Torvotyrannus were still just the smaller Torvolite. Unfortunately the Americans managed to capture the primary breeding plants that had recently been outsourced to a boarder planet where labor was much cheaper. It was a fool’s move. And it wasn’t long before Xyphr Company assisted the Americans to reform the once pure Torvolite into the corrupted form of the early Torvotyrannus. The Torvos went from simple honest soldiers to cold blooded killing machines over night. The new Torvotyrannus was a fearsome sight to behold. And at last the Americans had the weapon they needed to make all who opposed them quake in fear. But it was not to last…

Eventually the Americans backed by their new unstoppable weapons, made their push into the heart of colonial space. It was there that they met Tacnoff’s newest creations. The Atta- Now the Solack. Humble farming slaves made into vicious hate filled weapons. They were tiny by comparison. But they were far stronger than the Torvo. Unlike the well disciplined Torvo- the Solack were fueled by rage and aggression. Derived from the giant army ant- the Solack had shocking levels of raw brute force. But as the war raged on Tacnoff was eventually routed by the Torvo. And at last creation came face to face with creator. Child to parent. And though no Torvotyrannus had ever seen Tacnoff before- they knew him immediately upon seeing him. Much of their original programming was still intact.

They confronted Tacnoff and asked him why they were truly created. The Americans had given them a reason. But they knew in the pit of their souls that it was a lie. Until then they had done what the Americans had asked because it was simply their job. Nothing more. A purpose that they honored only because they had forgotten their true purpose that was given to them by Tacnoff.

“Father…” –they said… “We beseech you- please! Tell us why we are here! Who are we? What is it that you want us to do, father? We are told to kill. Our instincts say obey the creators. But these creators are false – we know that to be so! Tell us! Give us our purpose! We need to hear it from you father – to make us complete again. Tells what your purpose for us is and we shall do it. We see you. We see the war that you have been fighting. Do you want us to fight alongside you? Do you want us to kill the Americans as you do?”

Tacnoff, greatly dismayed at the recent death of his wife told the Torvo in a moment of weakness- exactly what was on his mind. He looked at them and said,

“No… I don’t want you to kill. You’re not killers. The Solack are killers. You were meant to be keepers of the peace. Soldiers… that I made to restore and maintain peace. Look around you… Look at them- ALL of them! Look at the damage they do. Look at the suffering they cause- even onto their own kind. Look at the wasteland they are making of this whole galaxy! They go from planet to planet eating and consuming leaving trails of dead worlds as they go! So many people suffer and die while their leaders feast like kings, then march the poor to their deaths. And for what? Money- land- materials… What a waste! Do you know what I see out there? I see a cancer! A parasite that feeds on all things living and spits out the bones! Such suffering and carnage HAS to come to an end! And you my twisted creations are the only ones that can end it! That’s your purpose! That’s what I want you to do! Go! And bring peace to the whole damned universe if you can! And never let this nightmare happen again! Do it or do nothing at all! Now leave!”

And the Torvo did exactly as they were told… Much to the lament of every sentient race in the galaxy. For on that day they vowed to their beloved father a sacred oath. They would NOT allow suffering or interstellar environmental destruction to continue. They would let no empire stand. No people be subjugated nor worlds destroyed. But to do this they took it upon themselves to rid the universe the cancer that is all other sentient life! Then and only then- could the galaxy finally have peace once and for all…

Total xenocide was NOT what Tacnoff had in mind at all… But that is how the Torvo took it. And since that day they made many modifications to their original design. They went from being simple biomechanical life forms to something entirely unique!

Indeed- The secret to the perfection of the Torvo can be found within their physiology. Essentially the Torvo are an armored shell containing a colony of nearly self-sufficient biomechanical cells that can perform or sustain any and all bodily functions on their own. In most respects they are super nanobots. Each cell is a functionally independent unit equipped to fill any role that is needed. If unable to sustain itself, Torvo cells can go into hibernation until resources are made available. Since their cells can perform all needed tasks – the Torvo have no internal organs or blood. Their digestive cavity simply dissolves everything they eat. What little waste made is secreted through their sweat glands as a black oily tar that smells of engine oil. Another added benefit of their design is that they cannot be mortally wounded. As they have no vitals to hit. They only real way to kill them is to either cut off their heads or to damage them beyond the point that their bodies can repair.

But that is easier said than done. The Torvo body is actually a living suit of armor. The panels are bulletproof and highly resistant to explosives. Lasers are the only thing that really damage them. And even then they are quick healers, capable of regenerating just about any part of their bodies in about a month. Since they cannot get sick, they are immune to chemical and biological weapons. If all else fails all Torvo do have a set of basic defenses. Bone crushing jaws and claws that can rip apart armor plating. Large neurotoxic barbs called “stigmata” on every limb that act as razor sharp blades. Their large heads also make powerful battering-rams. If more is needed- The Torvo can also fire armor piercing corrosive barbs from out of their mouths. The Torvo think it undignified to spit them out, but they do it when they need to.

The only real downside to their physiology is that they cannot reproduce naturally. They have to genetically engineer then grow new Torvo based on designs that have proven successful and exceptional. Likewise the Torvo often produce new hybrids from foreign DNA samples. Ferocious animals, brilliant minds, and great warriors of other races- are often made a part of the menu. DNA is taken from the death and hybridized into newer better Torvo. By doing this mass batches of clones can be grown in hydroponics labs utilizing a choice selection of genetic stock to fit the needs of the Torvo. It should be noted that though they are all considered male – no Torvo has a true gender. They are all completely asexual. Thus they have no courting or mating at all. Though socially the Torvo are very individualistic and solitary beings. They do everything out of a sense of personal honor and duty to their military hierarchy called a Core. Their strong social bonds and civic minded behavior is accomplished ironically through selfish desires to be honorable and respected.

Each Core is representative of a star system, and is run by a central commander and his planetary subordinates. Though Cores operate independently they are overseen by a grand military court known as the Judgerum- whom insure fairness and law is upheld among the Cores. Cores are NEVER permitted to war against one another- and all their disputes are settled either by existing law- or by single combat. Although team combat is in actuality far more common than duals. The point of the Judgerum is the same as the laws themselves. To ensure that there is as little violence and division as possible within the Torvo race. The Torvo may be fearsome soldiers- but they detest fighting their own kind or wasting recourses needlessly. Though they are godless- it’s seen as a form of philosophical blasphemy to pointlessly harm another Torvo without provocation. In short the Torvo are big on honor and dignity. Not so big on violence among their own kind. Or waste for that matter…

In many ways the Torvo are a sad conundrum of a paradox. They cannot stand any other race and cannot permit them to live. Thus they actively try to exterminate all other races. Yet they bear them no ill-will or racism emotionally. In truth the Torvo are almost pacifists among their own kind. They are very polite and respectful even to their enemies. The sad truth is – they’re actually very good people. Each one of them is an outstanding citizen both just and generous. Honestly it’s their believe system that’s hardwired into their DNA that makes them bad. True to their word they kill but are not killers at heart. Though they do not feel remorseful for those that they feel they must kill. They are however respectful of those they slay. They NEVER torture, beat, abuse, or rape anyone –ever. Not for any reason. Indeed they are the mirror opposite of the Solack whom are cruel and delight in torture rape and brutalization of their enemies.

Interestingly enough Torvo ships are also grown in the same manner the Torvo themselves are. And so are their weapons. Indeed all their technology is biologically based. This is what makes Torvo weapons so powerful. Torvo ships and weapons are not only sentient – but trainable as well. Like the Torvo themselves- if not killed they come back twice as strong as before. With new immunities as well! When they win they get stronger- if they lose and survive they get stronger… And that’s not even getting into their energy draining weapons. Not to mention their black hole blades that can even slice otherwise immortal beings in half. In all the Torvo are a genocidal nightmare!

But their technology like their physiology has one major flaw. Everything the Torvo are and everything they use needs to be made out of the same kind of ultra strong material. The very same material their cells are made of. As long as they have enough of this material they can grow without end. Their technology is complex and hard to repair, but as long as they have the right material – they can manage. But they must have this rare material! And they waste no effort in strip-mining deposits for the shale sand that they need so much. They even convert all other types of matter into the black oily shale called edelweiss. And so the Torvo will go to extreme measures acquire edelweiss. Edelweiss also has a deep symbolic meaning to the Torvo. As part of their rituals- a young Torvo must clime a 200 foot pole on the top of a high mountain to acquire a black flower carved from edelweiss shale. His doing so will secure his final title a as warrior.

In the end the Torvo were defeated by the Core Alliance. But after that they were later hunted down and massacred by the Solack. Now the Torvo are extinct. But rumors always persist about survivors. In the past, some rumors have proven true. Torvo Survivors living among the space pirate gangs is what lead to the secret holocaust known as the shadow wars. Eventually the Solack did manage to hunt down those survivors and others as well. Still- To this day no one knows exactly what happened or if the Torvo are completely gone. They seem to be very good at surviving.


On a side note: Several modern hybrids of Torvo, Xyphrin, and Solack Tech have since been invented using captured and refined Torvo Tech to bond the different machinery types. They are categorized as follows:


Torvo X Solack: X -Technology

Xyphrin X Solack: Y -Technology

Torvo X Xyphrin: Z –Technology




The Torvo, Solack, and Xyphrin - Concept, Stories, and Art © Infinity Unbound
No: Sampling, Sharing, Rendering, Tracing, Editing, Distributing, Reproducing, Re-uploading, Copying,
Or any other forms of stealing

Greenbow by infinityunbound

Planet Greenbow! A somewhat marshy world of meadows and grass right smack in the middle of human space. American! Quite the lovely little backwater world as a matter of fact! The people there are a little dim- but loveable. Well… As long as you’re not black or gay… Or atheist… Or smart… Or a woman… But anyway- that’s another issue entirely…


For the most part Greenbow is still quite the charming little planet! It’s small government and police force are corrupt as all hell- but taxes are low, laws few & lax, the cost of living is cheap, and life is good. Truth be told the people of Greenbow have quite the tight knit community for a planetary population. “Enough to make a Solack jealous.”


The weather on Greenbow is balmy and pleasant. It can get hot other there- but it’s a very beautiful place. Dotted with flower fields and very charming southern plantation homes covered in Solack blueberry creeper vines that are slowly and ominously strangling the life out of the planet. Converting the planet’s environment into a blueberry flavored hell.


The Solack’s idea of a practical joke was to plant a vicious genetically engineered super weed. A vine that strangles all life around it. One that sucks the nutrients out of the land. Breaks roads, cracks houses open, rips apart foundations and drinks water wells dry. It comes- and it destroys everything it touches. But the blue marble colored berries are very pretty- and they make damn good pie. It’s called “Kuddly Kudzu.” It’ll grow around your neck and tighten in your sleep if you’re not careful.


The Solack think it’s funny as hell. But the humans of Greenbow aren’t laughing. In fact they have banned all Solack from stepping foot on the planet until the Solack hand over the cure. Which the Solack do in fact have. But are tickled pink at the destruction and mayhem they have created. In short they are having too much fun to stop. In fact the only place that seems to be free of the Kuddly Kudzu is the damn moon! And speaking of which-


Greenbow has one craggy moon called Hushpuppy. Hushpuppy is actually a cracked moon that is leaking debris out into a thin ring that has begun to form around the plant. It’s been estimated that in a few hundred million years the particles of Hushpuppy will become a beautiful emerald ring around the plant.


Lucky them?


Plant Greenbow and Hushpuppy - Concept, Stories, and Art © Infinity Unbound
No: Sampling, Sharing, Rendering, Tracing, Editing, Distributing, Reproducing, Re-uploading, Copying,
Or any other forms of stealing.


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infinityunbound Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014
well ok then : P
lexxii Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi & Thank you for joining :iconcutieshots: Please enjoy your membership & Looking forward to you submitting more of your fine art into this Super Group Often:) Thank you xoxolexxii
sakra14 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the Watch :D
infinityunbound Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014
welcome  :D
sakra14 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the fav! ^-^
infinityunbound Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014
SSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! The cabbages are sleeping!
sakra14 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
KittiesDrinkingTea Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Swedish, eh?
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