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Madness is a Gift. This is the box it comes in.
This is a response to some recent Feminazi garbage going around trying to use gays to protect themselves from deserved criticism after a massive anti-male shit talking campaign. Feeling I can stay quiet no longer, I’d just like to toss in my lot with freedom against fascism. And that is to say…


Hi! I’m Bob! I’m a Swedish/Spaniard bisexual male. I’m a botanist (yes flowers -fuck you if you don't like it), major in biology, and I am not your fucking shield!


No Feminist sub-human animal represents nor speaks for me!

You don’t own me.
Who I am and what I say are valid.
My race is valid.
My gender is valid.
I am valid.
As a bisexual I do not “belong in a gas chamber” as feminists have suggested.  
My human rights matter. The opinions of fascists don’t. 

I am NOT against gamers (I am one) I think Feminists are bullshit, and I can make up my own damn mind about what does and does not offend me. But you know what does offend me? Racist Feminist assholes! Particularly when they try to “represent me.” They cannot. No Nazi can. I sincerely hope feminists wise the hell up and try reading books instead of burning them.

End of line.


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Greenbow by infinityunbound

Planet Greenbow! A somewhat marshy world of meadows and grass right smack in the middle of human space. American! Quite the lovely little backwater world as a matter of fact! The people there are a little dim- but loveable. Well… As long as you’re not black or gay… Or atheist… Or smart… Or a woman… But anyway- that’s another issue entirely…


For the most part Greenbow is still quite the charming little planet! It’s small government and police force are corrupt as all hell- but taxes are low, laws few & lax, the cost of living is cheap, and life is good. Truth be told the people of Greenbow have quite the tight knit community for a planetary population. “Enough to make a Solack jealous.”


The weather on Greenbow is balmy and pleasant. It can get hot other there- but it’s a very beautiful place. Dotted with flower fields and very charming southern plantation homes covered in Solack blueberry creeper vines that are slowly and ominously strangling the life out of the planet. Converting the planet’s environment into a blueberry flavored hell.


The Solack’s idea of a practical joke was to plant a vicious genetically engineered super weed. A vine that strangles all life around it. One that sucks the nutrients out of the land. Breaks roads, cracks houses open, rips apart foundations and drinks water wells dry. It comes- and it destroys everything it touches. But the blue marble colored berries are very pretty- and they make damn good pie. It’s called “Kuddly Kudzu.” It’ll grow around your neck and tighten in your sleep if you’re not careful.


The Solack think it’s funny as hell. But the humans of Greenbow aren’t laughing. In fact they have banned all Solack from stepping foot on the planet until the Solack hand over the cure. Which the Solack do in fact have. But are tickled pink at the destruction and mayhem they have created. In short they are having too much fun to stop. In fact the only place that seems to be free of the Kuddly Kudzu is the damn moon! And speaking of which-


Greenbow has one craggy moon called Hushpuppy. Hushpuppy is actually a cracked moon that is leaking debris out into a thin ring that has begun to form around the plant. It’s been estimated that in a few hundred million years the particles of Hushpuppy will become a beautiful emerald ring around the plant.


Lucky them?


Plant Greenbow and Hushpuppy - Concept, Stories, and Art © Infinity Unbound
No: Sampling, Sharing, Rendering, Tracing, Editing, Distributing, Reproducing, Re-uploading, Copying,
Or any other forms of stealing.

The Solack Homeworld Of Tetramill by infinityunbound
The Solack Homeworld Of Tetramill

ARtist NoTe: Sorry for the lower quality smaller image! Deviantart's new system is CRAP! It's not letting me post high rez large images anymore. - Error uploading file - unknown error . Bullshit! Sorry guys :(
Now- back to the story...


Tetramill… Dark Homeworld of Solack. A planet to which trillions would gladly give their lives to see atomized into sub atomic dust. –If such an attack were even possible on a fortress world like this.


Few races would be so macabre as to make a grim planet such as Tetramill to be a capitol world let alone the center of a vast interstellar race. But the Solack are anything but a normal race. Tetramill is a gloomy water world of sorts. It’s around twice the size of earth, but with very little dry land. Most of the surface consists of relatively shallow fresh water oceans that while in constant motion, are usually as calm as glass. (Except for the shores.)


A perpetual rainstorm covers the entirety of the skies above. The weather is either heavy rain, thunder, cloudy, or light rain. The sun rarely ever shines on the land below. Only small beams of light ever seem to penetrate the seemingly omnipotent cloud cover; lasting only for a few minutes before reverting back to grey and blue. However- the surface of Tetramill isn’t really all that dark… Just grey. All day - everyday. And most of said surface that isn’t ocean or tide pools consists of caverns and dense jungles. The entire planet seems quiet as the grave. The waters also seem to have a highly abundant supply of clear quartz crystal chunks in them. So much so that many of the beaches seem to have what looks like smooth glass for sand. –But is actually all quartz.


Most races would find such an environment depressing or at the very least unsettling. But the Solack consider their home to be tranquil and hallowed ground. They are refreshed and recharged by the never-ending rain, it soothes them. The cloudy skies shelter them from the sun and the constant sounds of distant storms brings harmony to their minds. In most ways they consider it the perfect planet for their kind. They often comment that it’s as if it were divinely made for them. It’s true enough that rains do provide a constant stream of life giving water to the surface below. The low gravity and high oxygen levels creates a very hospitable environment for life to grow and flourish. The damp surface also protects against fires. The air itself carries a lot of moisture. Some life forms even need suits to survive on Tetramill or they can drown from breathing the air for too long.


Tetramill also hosts many fabulous features that were once thought impossible –such as solid clouds, rivers that float in the sky, and even the fact that the planet itself has twin orbiting rings comprised mostly of plasma. Not to mention the planets multiple thick ozone layers and it’s almost biblical protective canopy of water vapor.


Tetramill has a very odd cloud layer that’s almost as thick as the vegetation below. These “heavy clouds” are clumps of rolling stuck together particles and vapor that have amassed into a pseudo-solid state that can even support people and animals on it. The clouds contain various strange inert gasses that in many ways resemble vaporized Feydium. This causes various gravitational anomalies. Some of these large clouds can even hold rivers or pools of water in a process that isn’t quite understood. These “solid” clouds that exist among regular clouds even have a limited ecosystem of small lightweight creatures and plants. Unfortunately rain storms can and often do pass over these pockets of life and cause havoc. Some Solack have even left their massive mountain sized arcologies; to live in the clouds. It requires some augmentation- but it has been proven more than possible to do. The temperature on Tetramill is always at least a little chilly. But life in the gas clouds can get very cold. And there is always the danger that the gas cloud will drift way from a floating house or city. This can leave a hiker stranded for a good long time. Also- people and objects that remain in the solid clouds for prolonged periods of time tend to acquire a positive charge for some reason.


Tetramill has but one moon. And it’s the closest/smallest known moon in the galaxy. It’s the moon of Tuna. Known simply as Tuna. Tuna is only around 5 miles in diameter. THAT’S TINY! What’s even more baffling is where the moon is. It’s technically in Tetramill’s ionosphere! Thus why everyone but the Solack insist that is it not a moon at all. Though it is a perfectly round orb that has it’s own weak gravitational field and is in orbit of the planet below.


Of course this isn’t at all natural…


For one thing it’s made mostly of edible cheese. For another- the Solack built it. It was one of their first experiments in complex mass replication. A 5 mile wide chuck of Feydium wrapped in a thick layer of edible cheese. As a gag. Just a way of showing the universe that they had the power to do so. Actually – Tuna was the prototype for the entire Solack Terraforming program. The process of turning Tuna’s surface into cheese was actually repeated on the moon of Roman Meal. Unfortunately- the mass replicator technology was also the Genesis of the Day of Pasta catastrophe.



The very odd cheese is actually alive with tiny genetically engineered bacteria that constantly eat any moldy or stale cheese and defecate fresh cheese. It’s kind of disgusting… But biologically genius! The anti-gravitational pull of the Feydium is what gives Tuna it’s permanent lift and orbit. It also protects Tuna from being crushed or pulled in by the massive planet it orbits. Tetramill is after all a massive planet. But not a very dense one…


Truly- Tetramill is an odd planet indeed. And all this isn’t even touching on the planet’s twin plasma rings or the defense field they make. Although boosted by the Solack. The rings are technically natural. No one knows what’s causing them. What is known is the powerful defense field they make. Each of those rings are actually moving very fast and can slice a capitol ship in half like a fusion cutter through butter. The rings are extraordinarily dangerous for being only about a few meters in thickness. They hold their own gravitational pull as well. They often suck in any large or nearby asteroids and vaporize them. -Thus protecting the planet from impacts much like a pair of moons.


And if all that wasn’t enough there’s still the invisible gravity bubbles to contend with. Inspired by the natural gravitational anomalies that help protect the hidden Human world of Camelot- the Solack decided to try and replicate miniature versions of their own gravity wells to protect Tetramill. The idea was highly controversial. It could have ended VERY badly… But the insane bastards did it, and it works. Now if a ship enters the planetary system at a wrong vector- BLAM! The starship will either be flung out into deep space or crushed like a tin can. It’s a horrible weapon. Only the Solack themselves know exactly where each bubble is. Furthermore there is the Solack army to contend with as well! Though few in number the Solack star fleet is the most advanced in the galaxy. Tetramill is likewise surrounded by an army of cloaked vessels. Battleships, carriers, defense platforms, orbital guns, and more. You can’t see them, but they are always there. A vast invisible fleet of death. Since it’s founding by the Solack, only the Torvotyrannus have ever launched a direct assault on Tetramill and were able to pierce its defenses.


In all Tetramill is one of many well guarded worlds. One of many odd beautiful and unique worlds out there in the Core Galaxy.



Planet Tetramill and the Solack - Concept, Stories, and Art © Infinity Unbound
No: Sampling, Sharing, Rendering, Tracing, Editing, Distributing, Reproducing, Re-uploading, Copying,
Or any other forms of stealing

Where Nightmares Breathe by infinityunbound
Where Nightmares Breathe

The Night Screamers-


~ Welcome to Nightscape ~


Ever since New Genesis there have been rumors about Night Screamers. Rumors… But never any proof. The idea of some mythical bloodsucking “Chupacabra” running around mutilating animals was usually laughed off as a hoax. True enough there was said to be such a creature back on earth once. -Though it was never found. Still- the idea persisted to Arcadia and the planets beyond. Truth be told it had become a memory all the way up until man began to move into the high deserts of Arcadia.


The high deserts are a strange area where the clouds are rumored to come so close to the ground that you can climb on a hill, and reach out to touch them. You figure a desert would be a very hot place to live. But truthfully the Arcadia wastes are actually fairly cool for a desert. There’s enough moister for large fields of small orange and yellow flowers to grow. And a slight cool wind seems to race across the badlands. Over time- many have settled there. At one point even Tacnoff used to call it home. But everyone who stayed there soon found out that other creatures also had their eyes on that land.


Most of the large ranches in the Arcadian high desert were sprawling self-sufficient colony ranches. Test beds for future plans to colonize other worlds. It was here the first humans practiced their early Terraforming and colonization skills. Life was tenuous at times- but not hard or bad at all. Mostly it was just getting used to life on the sparse badlands. Early successes with water farming led to the reproduction of many earth animals and new neo animals called “desert fish.” Along with fermentation vats that grew a slimy green plant that was very useful for making bread. Later pushes to full-scale production led to the creation of more “hobby class” animals like peacocks and small game birds. Cattle was being introduced in the form of Moo-Cows and other neo animal creations such as Fishkins. Soon the desert was alive with ranches containing wide assortments of animals. And that’s where the trouble started…


A scream in the night…


Horrible terrifying screams… Like a teenage girl suddenly shrieking in horror and some kind of demonic moan at the end. It came in the middle of otherwise quiet and peaceful nights, shocking the hell out of everyone in earshot of it. People immediately ran out to see who was hurt. But they found no one. Everyone was just fine. None of the women reported being attacked or startled by anything but the sound. But if it wasn’t a woman screaming – what the hell made that sound?




A month had gone by since the random screams at night started. Every other day… It was jarring. People stood up at night with their guns in hand, waiting…. But nothing came. Then one morning, it started… Someone found one of the large peacocks dead on the side of a dirt road. Puzzled and dismayed the rancher inspected the body expecting to see Yopi bites or claw marks. But what he found instead shocked and sickened the man. The only wound on the bird was a deep dark hole in the chest with no blood. The heart was missing. And that was the start of it… Soon other animals started to go missing. They were often found dry as a bone with their faces and guts missing. Often turned inside out.


People suspected a prank. Several known rowdy teenagers were brought in for questioning. But the attacks continued. Even while every suspicious person they could find was under guard. This was getting bad. The cattle mutilations and blood draining was beginning to hurt the local economy. Something had to be done! People feared the worst- as well they should have! The beasts were getting bolder. There seemed to be more of them. They could hear them jumping and running around at night. Just out of sight… On metal roofs. Heavy bodies hitting the roofing with a Clang! Claws clicking and running from side to side. Fearful of an attack- some of the most formidable hunters and soldiers gathered together to carry out patrols at night. But all they ever saw was rustling bushes. As the attacks on their animals continued, frustrated ranchers began to set up automated turrets to try and ambush the monsters. But the sly devils somehow knew not to get within the sights of the turret sensors. Turret guns fired off into the night sometimes. But hit nothing… People began to speak of these so called “Night Screamers” as if they were somehow spirits. Ghosts that could not be caught. Tacnoff whom had overheard the gossip –scoffed defiantly at such a stupid superstitious idea…


 “Oh bull dyke!” –He yelled. “All this talk of spirits and ghosts is a complete load of crap!”

But the attacks continued… Then came Maria…


A young woman named Maria was out late at night carrying a basket of towels and clothes. She was off to have a nice hot dip in the fetch runoff tank from the reed silo. It was going to be great to lay around in what was basically a Jacuzzi after a long hard day of farm work. She was a little worried about the Night Screamers- but she had been comforted earlier by the sight of a parade of large muscular men- armored and armed to the teeth, who headed out on patrol nearby. Gritty mean looking hunters, and veteran soldiers with thousand yard stares. A rugged collection of sneers, muscles, big guns, and thick armor. One of the smaller men in a cowboy hat had stopped to give her a small white flower. Maria thought this quite sweet as he looked at her with confidant coffee bean eyes and said in a southern voice so soothing, “Well howdy ma’am. Don’t you worry. We’ll get those monsters. You’ll see. We’ll be nearby case you need us.”


And they were. Maria could see a small camp fire where a few of them were having a bite to eat, not too far down the dark road. She knew there were others. Hiding in trees and in the bushes. Waiting in ambush. She was in essence surrounded by a hidden wall of steel, muscle, and firearms. This was very comforting. She looked at the far away flicker of the fire and said to herself, “aw- boys… They get to have all the fun.” The turned around with a smile and a warm feeling of contentment.


And there it was…


It looked her right in the eyes.- Though it had none that she could see… Just black soulless pits on either side of it’s shriveled sunken head highlighted by crimson stains that ran down to it’s gaping red fangs. It let out a gurgling sound as it took in a deep breath.


Aaaaah... -It quietly spoke.



“Oh… my…” Maria sniffled as she was scared stiff.


AAAaaaahhHHH. – it now said with a clear loudening voice.


“Please no…” Maria whimpered as her blood ran cold.




KA-PLAMM!! KA-PLAMM!! –gunshots rang out.


The shots hit just next to the monsters feet as it reared up to face the man in a cowboy hat who was now running at the beast, gun in hand. –As the creature stood up it was around 5 or 6 feet tall. The strange animal had no front legs or arms.


The man fired at it and yelled at the top of his lungs, “PHOOIE! I knew you no good hunk of tar would come and bother these ladies! I knew it! No honor among rat skinned devils!


The man shot several more times at the beast. But it dodged every shot sent its way, with a speed that Maria had never seen before. Maria screamed! The creature had crouched low and was preparing to leap at the man when it heard Maria cry out. The beast then suddenly changed direction with a swivel of it’s muscular legs and lunged at Maria jaws open.




The beast turned to Maria only to stair down a large bore pistol as Maria fired it point blank hitting the Night Screaming in the side of the chest as it tried in vain to leap away at the last second. Maria was scared out of her wits. But she was also a frontier woman. Armed at all times – and a crack shot in her own right. The man quickly took aim for another shot as did Maria. But then the wounded animal did something no one had expected.


It cried out. Just like a small child that had been wounded. Others that heard the commotion and had come running now stood dead in their tracks along with Maria and the man, as the beast continued. It was frightening! It sounded just like a crying human child as it turned and ran, leaping about 40 feet into the air on profoundly slim yet muscular legs. It disappeared as everyone stood there shell-shocked and deeply disturbed. It was a deep piercing cry. No one was prepared for it. No one knew how to react. And maybe that was the point. If the creature had wanted to startle and confuse them- it had sure done it!


After that things began to get back to normal. Few animals were killed and the Night Screamers seemed to keep their distance for the most part. They still ran on roofs- and could now be seen leaping from tree to buildings in the pale moonlight. But they never walked up to people again.


After awhile- everyone seemed to forget about the Night Screamers. War was the issue of the day. Taxes… And modernizing! People now had bigger fish to fry. Plus most of them now lived in nice safe urban communities. A far cry from the frontier days…



-200 years later…



Planet Sierra! Also Known as Planet Game Day! A small world consisting of vast stretches of flat land giving way to calm brackish seas. A bit of an odd planet if ever there was one. For one thing the sandy dune deserts are actually quite hospitable. A cool breeze flows through them and there is a surprising amount of animal life including very large sauropods. But mostly Sierra is known for being flat. In fact- Sierra has by far the flattest surface of any known world in the Core Galaxy. Not surprisingly- this world has attracted racers! Tons of them! And endless race tracks that span thousands of miles. All the biggest races in the galaxy happen either here or on the Machine world of Mecha! But mostly here. On the sunny crisp world of Sierra. Owned on operated by humans- Sierra is home to many different races. (as in peoples) everyone from the Furries to the Solack live here. And whether it’s cars, hover vehicles, flyers, or boats- everyone loves a good game!


As a result of all the tourism many mountain-sized futuristic cities have popped up on Sierra over the years. And with it the need to expand space travel out to the nearby moon of Nightscape.


The small moon of Nightscape is pretty much what it says on the tin. Unlike the flawless sunny days and warm pleasant nights on Sierra – Nightscape is locked in a perpetual thunderstorm. It’s dark on the surface. Permanent twilight or complete darkness. No sunshine ever gets through the stormy skies above. It’s always a little chilly out and all the plants are pitch black. The world seems only dimly lit by torch trees. Very few animals live here. And no people dare stay. There are monsters in the shadows. Large carnivores reptiles and also something else... Night screamers! Lots of them! This is their home! Which brings us to the focal point pf this story…


A contract had been issued to clear and survey the land on Nightscape for the construction of a new starport. A big one! One to further expand planet Sierra’s already vast tourism wealth, by accommodating nearly triple the starships. Now all they had to do was clear the area of all the unwelcome animals.


Enter the mercenaries!


The ninth Russet Guard to be precise. A newly minted unit comprised mostly of young wild eyed rookies, that had been sent on a dangerous animal hunt to help home their stalking skills. They were a talented group but also kind of wet behind the ears. It’s common practice to send smaller starter units into battle as mercenary units to help gain combat experience. Dangerous animal duty is considered to be the lightest and safest work that a unit can do. Perfect for a group of rowdy greenhorns. Usually such a duty entailed hitting big targets- like Mogulosaurus or a giant Cactus Wurm. Something big and well armored that can fight back. But these smaller predator missions were worse in many ways. Things that go bump in the night are generally hard to kill.


And Night Screamers can kill you… Like most Neo animals their bones are made of flaked on Quartanium alloy held together with calcium. Bulletproof skin. Armor piercing claws… Conventional earth weapons and armor were of little use. Even modern weapons and armor are often of questionable value. Since they are crafted from Quartanium steel. –They are therefore at least somewhat vulnerable to animals that have Quartanium bones, fangs, or armor. Quartanium is notorious for being vulnerable to itself. But most weapons and armor are still made of Quartanium because it’s super cheap, light weight, and plentiful. It’s a super material. So everyone uses it in pretty much everything.


Likewise many armored or predatory animals metabolize it naturally. They chew on raw deposits, eat plants containing high concentrations of it, or chew on bones that are made of it. It’s a part of them. It gets woven into their skin, armor, bones, teeth- you name it. And the Solack are no different. They eat Quartanium clay as a treat even when infants. By the time they are 5 years of age their skin is all but bulletproof. But that doesn’t do any good against creatures made of the same material. Or most modern weapons for that matter… Thus the use of hardened Agrocite armor that the Solack employ. One of the hardest armors in the galaxy. Too bad Night Screams are known for finding the oooone chink in any armor and slicing right into it… Night Screams might not be very big- but they are very deadly.


Too bad bat the young Solack Jawbuster Helotoss wasn’t amused.


“ I Hate this!” –He exclaimed.


“Don’t get me wrong I like this place. Dark- gloomy… Nice and all. Hell- if I had the money I’d build a house up here. But it’s this damn mission! I hate bug hunts. Figure they would’ve stopped sending us on these things given the last time.”


-Helotoss was referring to the Mokele Mbembe hunt. 3 different missions 3 legendary disasters. First on the outskirts of Neo-Japan to search for some kind of freak wearing an umbrella – named Kara-kasa. They lost a tenth of their unit to giant rodent attacks before they ran into the horrid monster. One that turned out to be something entirely different than they had thought.


Next was the Chupacabra Hunt. 16 days in a bone dry desert fighting off spooky dark skinned aboriginal humans in war paint and feathers. All to hunt a pair if particularly violent and aggressive Nigh Screamers. They had to dig through many rock hard termite mounds and poke through abandoned mud huts. All while being randomly attack by the human cultists. Their primitive arrows and darts did nothing to the Solack. But the humans kept startling the hell out of them with surprise attacks. And then a handful of Solack died when they finally found the Night Screamers they looking for. Turns out they were unusually strong.


Finally there was Mokele Mbembe. A hike through a lush almost pleasant jungle of rare giants. Looking for some kind of living dinosaur. A big white rhino headed long neck. And all kinds of large armored animals got in the way. Worse – their human buddies followed them from the desert and set traps all along the way. There were.. as usual- a lot of deaths…


Now this… MORE Night Screamers… Helotoss had had it!


“Science Damn it! I hate this worthless crap! I don’t wanna be working for these crap head humans! I’d rather kill em! At least that would be a straight forward fight! Give me some Zionist Jews! Some Feminazi scum or Muslims to shoot.  Mormons- hell anybody but these god damn boogie men! I’m built for fucking up crusaders and fascists- not bumbling around the backwoods chasing nightmares that breathe!”


“Shut up Helo!” – The Cadre officer ordered.”


“Your constant bitching isn’t going to make things any better. Not only that, but I don’t want you mouthing off to our clients, you hear me? I don’t like humans either- nobody does! Hell- even the fucking humans hate humans. But STOW IT around the civilians. You ARE getting paid extra for this. So shut up and be thankful. Missions are a privilege- not a right. Got it?”


Just then, they came to a halt. The Cadre officer looked up at a large dirt mound.


“It’s here… Sensors don’t pick it up but it’s here… You can tell because the radar goes fuzzy. In a way they’re a lot like our suits. Sensors can’t pick them up if they stand still. Helotoss! You’re up!”



“Fuck!” Helotoss grunted as he crept forward on all fours.

“Don’t wanna do this… Don’t you people remember last time?  They see us coming… They know we’re here and they’re listening to our com chatter somehow. They can hear us right through our helmets. Animals my ass… These are predators. Sentient. They know what we’re here to do. They can see us damn it! Oh THAT’S IT! Fuck this chicken shit outfit!  I’m sick of this game! They know where we are anyway so what’s the point!?”


Helotoss jumped up in front of the dirt mound and opened fire screaming wildly, “ HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT, FUCKER! HUH? Come out, come out wherever you are!”


“HELO NO!!” – yelled the CO. But it was too late.


Something big got up. Something very big…


It was a Night Screamer. But like none they had ever seen before! It was as big as a HOUSE! It stretched itself out to face the tiny little 5 foot tall Solack in front of it and let out an earsplitting screech! It sounded like putting your ear next to a jet engine. It was deafening! A flash of lightening split the night and everyone scattered for cover. Everyone but Helotoss. Who stood there defiantly as he unhinged his jaw cover from his helmet and stretched his long Solack tongue as he let out his own jarring roar. 


Normally the booming sound and threatening stance of a Solack warrior –mouth loaded with needle like teeth would be intimidating. Nope! Not this time!


The great beast stood tall over the mound and let out another shriek as it extended a large flashing red crest. No one had ever seen this before. What the hell was this thing? Obviously it was a Night Screamer- but of a type never thought possible. As it was- little to nothing was known about Night Screamer physiology. Was this a “fully grown” Night Screamer? A giant one? A new species? Whatever it was it was big and it was pissed!


In that terrifying moment another volley of lightening hit even closer overhead. It shined a bright light over the two fierce alpha predators. The cruel ravenous Solack- living weapons. Biomechanical terrors of the Core Galaxy. Face to face with a living nightmare. Despite the size difference – the two were pretty much evenly matched from a brute force standpoint. The Solack were small but built with bodies stronger than machines. They had almost superhuman strength. But the Colossal Night Screamer was obviously bigger and just as tough if not more so. Helotoss had advanced weapons.  The Night Screamer had unrivaled, speed, dexterity, power, and a bite that could crush Helotoss alive inside his own suit. Night Screamer skulls were armed with basically giant pit-bull jaws. These were crushing mauling murder machines made for dispensing suffering. Topped with blood draining monstrous red fangs. Then there’s the venom… You can think of a Night Screamer like a giant black widow. No arms –but very sharp talons on the feet. Good match!


You know? For being a part of one of the most deviously intelligent races in the galaxy- Helotoss is pretty dumb sometimes. He has stars in is eyes that are only rivaled by the rocks in his head. He’d confident. Too confident… To the point of blind startling arrogance. But he has every reason to be arrogant. He’s young. And exceptionally powerful. Boasting irregularly high physical strength even for a Solack. He could lift a tank off the ground if he got mad enough. Plus he was armed with the finest advanced weapons and armor in the Core Galaxy. No does weaponry like the Solack. They are War Inc. Gods of death. Indeed these were two unstoppable alpha males in their prime. Top dog apex predators. And this was to be an epic battle to the death!


Then the thunder struck right between the two….


The giant Night Screamer panicked thinking it was hit by an attack. It quickly changed color to match the rocks around it and fled into the night with a deep howl and hiss.


Helotoss was also blown back by the lightening. Also believing he had been attacked – he leapt into the air with a back flip and ducked behind a pile of logs yelling, “shit shit shit!”


Everyone else laughed. So much for the epic battle…


They never saw that Night Screamer again. The mission was scrubbed. After the humans found out there were giant Night Screamers on Nightscape, they decided to build a space platform instead. Nothing spooked tourists and investors like flesh eating monsters lurking in the dark. After all was said and done Nightscape became a nature preserve with a small tourism business catering to adventure seekers hoping to spot one of the many deadly giants of Nightscape… From the safety of a well lit heavily armored fortress of course!


So at least for now, all’s well that ends well. But the story of Nightscape and the Night Screamers is far from over. It would come up again later in history. But that’s another tale.




Night Screamers and the Solack - Concept, Stories, and Art © Infinity Unbound
No: Sampling, Sharing, Rendering, Tracing, Editing, Distributing, Reproducing, Re-uploading, Copying,
Or any other forms of stealing

The Torvotyrannus by infinityunbound
The Torvotyrannus

The Torvotyrannus

The Torvo are the be all- end all of biomechanical weapons. They are the ultimate soldier. With the strength of 10 men. They can go weeks without eating or drinking.

They don’t sleep.

They don’t feel fear.

They don’t feel pain.

They can’t get sick.

They can’t get poisoned.

They can’t die of old age.

They don’t get mental disorders.

They don’t have families.

They don’t have remorse.

They never get tired.

They have no gender.

The have no sexuality.

They never get stressed.


They –are –death.


They’re bodies are so hard they can even survive in the vacuum of space. A Torvotyrannus can run at a top speed of over 35 miles per hour and maintain the chase for 48 hours without stopping. The only thing that limits them is their energy intake needs. In other words they can run and fight until failure point. They can also live comfortably under burning suns or in frozen wastelands. They can walk on walls and ceilings. Plus they’re radar stealth when standing still.

As Soldiers the Torvotyrannus are simply unmatched. They are immensely loyal cunning and agile. From the moment they exit the hydroponics bay where they are birthed; they are lethal. Their pre-dubbed minds contain basic combat training as instinct. This basic training and elementary education is hardwired into their DNA as written instructions. This process is similar in function to the innate ability to breathe or walk. And they can walk within minutes of their birthing as well. From that time- they are taught many forms of martial arts combined with gymnastics. The schooling they receive between their physical training focuses on science and philosophy. They are not just tough- they are smart troopers as well. Each one is a master of survival and combat. –But also a brilliant scientist and mathematician. For their minds are as equally impressive as their bodies. Their massive battering ram heads hold an equally massive brain like nerve cluster that has more computational power than any other race. In short- they are born natural scholars. It’s a shame really that the only way they can express their intellect is through weaponry and combat. But then again- that’s how they were programmed. By humans no less…

Indeed- Long ago they were engineered by man to be that way. Their father (Eli Tacnoff) took great pride in his new master race of soldiers. They were every bit as disciplined, loyal, and lethal as he had hoped… Too bad that was only when the Torvotyrannus were still just the smaller Torvolite. Unfortunately the Americans managed to capture the primary breeding plants that had recently been outsourced to a boarder planet where labor was much cheaper. It was a fool’s move. And it wasn’t long before Xyphr Company assisted the Americans to reform the once pure Torvolite into the corrupted form of the early Torvotyrannus. The Torvos went from simple honest soldiers to cold blooded killing machines over night. The new Torvotyrannus was a fearsome sight to behold. And at last the Americans had the weapon they needed to make all who opposed them quake in fear. But it was not to last…

Eventually the Americans backed by their new unstoppable weapons, made their push into the heart of colonial space. It was there that they met Tacnoff’s newest creations. The Atta- Now the Solack. Humble farming slaves made into vicious hate filled weapons. They were tiny by comparison. But they were far stronger than the Torvo. Unlike the well disciplined Torvo- the Solack were fueled by rage and aggression. Derived from the giant army ant- the Solack had shocking levels of raw brute force. But as the war raged on Tacnoff was eventually routed by the Torvo. And at last creation came face to face with creator. Child to parent. And though no Torvotyrannus had ever seen Tacnoff before- they knew him immediately upon seeing him. Much of their original programming was still intact.

They confronted Tacnoff and asked him why they were truly created. The Americans had given them a reason. But they knew in the pit of their souls that it was a lie. Until then they had done what the Americans had asked because it was simply their job. Nothing more. A purpose that they honored only because they had forgotten their true purpose that was given to them by Tacnoff.

“Father…” –they said… “We beseech you- please! Tell us why we are here! Who are we? What is it that you want us to do, father? We are told to kill. Our instincts say obey the creators. But these creators are false – we know that to be so! Tell us! Give us our purpose! We need to hear it from you father – to make us complete again. Tells what your purpose for us is and we shall do it. We see you. We see the war that you have been fighting. Do you want us to fight alongside you? Do you want us to kill the Americans as you do?”

Tacnoff, greatly dismayed at the recent death of his wife told the Torvo in a moment of weakness- exactly what was on his mind. He looked at them and said,

“No… I don’t want you to kill. You’re not killers. The Solack are killers. You were meant to be keepers of the peace. Soldiers… that I made to restore and maintain peace. Look around you… Look at them- ALL of them! Look at the damage they do. Look at the suffering they cause- even onto their own kind. Look at the wasteland they are making of this whole galaxy! They go from planet to planet eating and consuming leaving trails of dead worlds as they go! So many people suffer and die while their leaders feast like kings, then march the poor to their deaths. And for what? Money- land- materials… What a waste! Do you know what I see out there? I see a cancer! A parasite that feeds on all things living and spits out the bones! Such suffering and carnage HAS to come to an end! And you my twisted creations are the only ones that can end it! That’s your purpose! That’s what I want you to do! Go! And bring peace to the whole damned universe if you can! And never let this nightmare happen again! Do it or do nothing at all! Now leave!”

And the Torvo did exactly as they were told… Much to the lament of every sentient race in the galaxy. For on that day they vowed to their beloved father a sacred oath. They would NOT allow suffering or interstellar environmental destruction to continue. They would let no empire stand. No people be subjugated nor worlds destroyed. But to do this they took it upon themselves to rid the universe the cancer that is all other sentient life! Then and only then- could the galaxy finally have peace once and for all…

Total xenocide was NOT what Tacnoff had in mind at all… But that is how the Torvo took it. And since that day they made many modifications to their original design. They went from being simple biomechanical life forms to something entirely unique!

Indeed- The secret to the perfection of the Torvo can be found within their physiology. Essentially the Torvo are an armored shell containing a colony of nearly self-sufficient biomechanical cells that can perform or sustain any and all bodily functions on their own. In most respects they are super nanobots. Each cell is a functionally independent unit equipped to fill any role that is needed. If unable to sustain itself, Torvo cells can go into hibernation until resources are made available. Since their cells can perform all needed tasks – the Torvo have no internal organs or blood. Their digestive cavity simply dissolves everything they eat. What little waste made is secreted through their sweat glands as a black oily tar that smells of engine oil. Another added benefit of their design is that they cannot be mortally wounded. As they have no vitals to hit. They only real way to kill them is to either cut off their heads or to damage them beyond the point that their bodies can repair.

But that is easier said than done. The Torvo body is actually a living suit of armor. The panels are bulletproof and highly resistant to explosives. Lasers are the only thing that really damage them. And even then they are quick healers, capable of regenerating just about any part of their bodies in about a month. Since they cannot get sick, they are immune to chemical and biological weapons. If all else fails all Torvo do have a set of basic defenses. Bone crushing jaws and claws that can rip apart armor plating. Large neurotoxic barbs called “stigmata” on every limb that act as razor sharp blades. Their large heads also make powerful battering-rams. If more is needed- The Torvo can also fire armor piercing corrosive barbs from out of their mouths. The Torvo think it undignified to spit them out, but they do it when they need to.

The only real downside to their physiology is that they cannot reproduce naturally. They have to genetically engineer then grow new Torvo based on designs that have proven successful and exceptional. Likewise the Torvo often produce new hybrids from foreign DNA samples. Ferocious animals, brilliant minds, and great warriors of other races- are often made a part of the menu. DNA is taken from the death and hybridized into newer better Torvo. By doing this mass batches of clones can be grown in hydroponics labs utilizing a choice selection of genetic stock to fit the needs of the Torvo. It should be noted that though they are all considered male – no Torvo has a true gender. They are all completely asexual. Thus they have no courting or mating at all. Though socially the Torvo are very individualistic and solitary beings. They do everything out of a sense of personal honor and duty to their military hierarchy called a Core. Their strong social bonds and civic minded behavior is accomplished ironically through selfish desires to be honorable and respected.

Each Core is representative of a star system, and is run by a central commander and his planetary subordinates. Though Cores operate independently they are overseen by a grand military court known as the Judgerum- whom insure fairness and law is upheld among the Cores. Cores are NEVER permitted to war against one another- and all their disputes are settled either by existing law- or by single combat. Although team combat is in actuality far more common than duals. The point of the Judgerum is the same as the laws themselves. To ensure that there is as little violence and division as possible within the Torvo race. The Torvo may be fearsome soldiers- but they detest fighting their own kind or wasting resources needlessly. Though they are godless- it’s seen as a form of philosophical blasphemy to pointlessly harm another Torvo without provocation. In short the Torvo are big on honor and dignity. Not so big on violence among their own kind. Or waste for that matter…

In many ways the Torvo are a sad conundrum of a paradox. They cannot stand any other race and cannot permit them to live. Thus they actively try to exterminate all other races. Yet they bear them no ill-will or racism emotionally. In truth the Torvo are almost pacifists among their own kind. They are very polite and respectful even to their enemies. The sad truth is – they’re actually very good people. Each one of them is an outstanding citizen both just and generous. Honestly it’s their believe system that’s hardwired into their DNA that makes them bad. True to their word they kill but are not killers at heart. Though they do not feel remorseful for those that they feel they must kill. They are however respectful of those they slay. They NEVER torture, beat, abuse, or rape anyone –ever. Not for any reason. Indeed they are the mirror opposite of the Solack whom are cruel and delight in torture rape and brutalization of their enemies.

Interestingly enough Torvo ships are also grown in the same manner the Torvo themselves are. And so are their weapons. Indeed all their technology is biologically based. This is what makes Torvo weapons so powerful. Torvo ships and weapons are not only sentient – but trainable as well. Like the Torvo themselves- if not killed they come back twice as strong as before. With new immunities as well! When they win they get stronger- if they lose and survive they get stronger… And that’s not even getting into their energy draining weapons. Not to mention their black hole blades that can even slice otherwise immortal beings in half. In all the Torvo are a genocidal nightmare!

But their technology like their physiology has one major flaw. Everything the Torvo are and everything they use needs to be made out of the same kind of ultra strong material. The very same material their cells are made of. As long as they have enough of this material they can grow without end. Their technology is complex and hard to repair, but as long as they have the right material – they can manage. But they must have this rare material! And they waste no effort in strip-mining deposits for the shale sand that they need so much. They even convert all other types of matter into the black oily shale called edelweiss. And so the Torvo will go to extreme measures acquire edelweiss. Edelweiss also has a deep symbolic meaning to the Torvo. As part of their rituals- a young Torvo must clime a 200 foot pole on the top of a high mountain to acquire a black flower carved from edelweiss shale. His doing so will secure his final title a as warrior.

In the end the Torvo were defeated by the Core Alliance. But after that they were later hunted down and massacred by the Solack. Now the Torvo are extinct. But rumors always persist about survivors. In the past, some rumors have proven true. Torvo Survivors living among the space pirate gangs is what lead to the secret holocaust known as the shadow wars. Eventually the Solack did manage to hunt down those survivors and others as well. Still- To this day no one knows exactly what happened or if the Torvo are completely gone. They seem to be very good at surviving.


On a side note: Several modern hybrids of Torvo, Xyphrin, and Solack Tech have since been invented using captured and refined Torvo Tech to bond the different machinery types. They are categorized as follows:


Torvo X Solack: X -Technology

Xyphrin X Solack: Y -Technology

Torvo X Xyphrin: Z –Technology



The Torvo, Solack, and Xyphrin - Concept, Stories, and Art © Infinity Unbound
No: Sampling, Sharing, Rendering, Tracing, Editing, Distributing, Reproducing, Re-uploading, Copying,
Or any other forms of stealing

This is a response to some recent Feminazi garbage going around trying to use gays to protect themselves from deserved criticism after a massive anti-male shit talking campaign. Feeling I can stay quiet no longer, I’d just like to toss in my lot with freedom against fascism. And that is to say…


Hi! I’m Bob! I’m a Swedish/Spaniard bisexual male. I’m a botanist (yes flowers -fuck you if you don't like it), major in biology, and I am not your fucking shield!


No Feminist sub-human animal represents nor speaks for me!

You don’t own me.
Who I am and what I say are valid.
My race is valid.
My gender is valid.
I am valid.
As a bisexual I do not “belong in a gas chamber” as feminists have suggested.  
My human rights matter. The opinions of fascists don’t. 

I am NOT against gamers (I am one) I think Feminists are bullshit, and I can make up my own damn mind about what does and does not offend me. But you know what does offend me? Racist Feminist assholes! Particularly when they try to “represent me.” They cannot. No Nazi can. I sincerely hope feminists wise the hell up and try reading books instead of burning them.

End of line.

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