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Delicious Rotten 99 Cent Store Bread by infinityunbound
Delicious Rotten 99 Cent Store Bread

Ok… That's enough America for today.


Yes this is a real picture. If you look carefully you can see that they are all covered in mold.

A whole shelf of American exceptionalism!

Yes I regret Swedish laws regarding basic business practices and food safety are not global. The “free market” rules here…

But what can you do? People have to learn the hard way.

The Wolf's Den Redux by infinityunbound
The Wolf's Den Redux

Updated to Redux: 3.0

Ok – since my castle at Stone Breach Cavern was completely destroyed… I’ve started a new world and have promptly begun work on a new home base. Bigger and badder than my last home. And to start it off here is the entrance! A large werewolf’s head whose mouth is the entrance of my new house.


I used iron spikes for the teeth and custom red glow blocks for the eyes. The tongue is made of blood stone and the back of the throat is flowing lava behind reinforced glow glass. There are double doors on either side of the throat. My home is on the inside all the way to the back of the mountain. The statues are a mod and so are the neon red light blocks that give the werewolf it's background coloring.


I decided to go with a werewolf because a large black werewolf was waiting for me there the first night I was in this map. I had just found this VERY tall mountain that looked truly epic. So I had decided this was going to be my new home. And I was going to make a simple palace entrance at the bottom when I saw something black move that I thought was a turkey. It was not a turkey…


But yeah! Werewolf! Scared the crap outta me but it wasn’t the only one. Somewhere I kept hearing another werewolf howling at night. And by the third night of build I decided to go with a wolf/moon theme. So I made a replica of the giant pitch black werewolf that tried to attack me that first night. But yeah.. I had my FN P90 –so that wasn’t happening.

Mechanical Monster Mech Lab by infinityunbound
Mechanical Monster Mech Lab

So I finally got the mech lab up and running. It’s basic for now. But very useful! Now I can get a set of the giant killer robots known as Mechanical Monsters from the old superman cartoons- to guard my base.


Nothing like set of 5 block tall metal monsters to keep the hostile mobs away. Particularly when these monster robots have 200 hit points, 15 block knock back with nausea, and a 25 melee attack.


I’ve previously had a couple of these out in the front entrance. But now I have a bay to store, build, and repair them. And to assist me in doing all this- I have hired a cybernetics expert! An odd fellow by the name of Doctor Ozland. Whom is himself a machine. In many aspects he is a miniature version of the Mechanical Monsters. Or more accurately they are larger versions of himself.


I don’t really agree with Ozland sometimes. We don’t really talk. He has a rather cold personality. He tends to be very busy and doesn’t like being bothered. But he is always polite nonetheless. Well… Polite enough anyway… Truth is Ozland has a rather nasty opinion of flesh and blood beings. This feeds into his superiority complex regarding his beliefs on the supremacy of machines over biological life forms.


These opinions of Ozland’s put him at odds with Major Tom Felix (Fuck It Felix)

Felix believes that man power is far superior to that of machines. That droids can never replace well trained, well motivated men with killer instincts and the will to survive. It’s true that machines are far stronger than men. But humans have a knack for surviving and popping up in the worst places at the worst times. Humans also fight in packs. Which makes them dangerous and unpredictable.


In the end – it’s a tossup. I employ people to guard indoors where it’s more appropriate. And machines where it’s too cold or risky for troopers. Troops need to be fed, paid, and housed. Machines need power, parts, basic maintenance, and a mech bay to support them.


Complicated Office Politics!


Lately Ozland has voiced opinions about replacing Felix’s troopers with smaller more efficient cybernetic guards. But… I don’t know. Ozland has been a loyal worker for some time now. Even back at the old base. He’s excitingly wealthy so he doesn’t even want to be paid. Rather he just wants to run the mech bay and have it all to himself where he can be free to experiment as he pleases. Which is fine with me. His creations are loyal and very useful. But I know for a fact that Ozland has a dark side. That he is anything but a good man. Though he is honest- the thought of letting a small army of all machine warriors have the run of the entire base is a little unnerving.


Felix on the other hand might be a lunatic sometimes. And the Whole Wheat Troopers a little on the dim side… But I’d sooner trust them more. I don’t entirely know what’s going on in that e-brain of Ozland’s.

Shadow Meow Meow Bomber by infinityunbound
Shadow Meow Meow Bomber

So after 3 days of plotting around the ground, my base FINALLY has access to a hanger! It still needs a good amount of things… -Guiding brackets, a runway, control tower, AA defenses, pilots’ bar, storage hanger, turbo lift, armory, and a partridge in a damn pear tree- But for now just a basic single VTOL hanger is good enough just to store a basic jet.  And with that I built one of my favorite creations. The Shadow Meow-Meow!


The Shadow Meow-Meow is a small personal stealth bomber armed with a leaver activated TNT dispenser that can be armed with any explosives. Usually C4- but in this case a nuke block. That’s right! This baby fires a nuke! And thanks to the Archimedes mod- this baby can fly with the best of them! It’s fast, small, hard to see, and packs a major punch! The perfect thing to go C4 troll a witch hut in! Or just a midnight stroll across the world. To fire- you need only decompile the ship while sitting in it by pressing delete. Then flip the switch and bam! That’s it! Then reassemble it by right clicking the helm, and get the hell outta there! It’s important to note you have to be just the right height above your target before you can fire the nuke. Too low and you die. Too high and no damage. That’s where being a good pilot comes into play.  The Shadow Meow-Meow is fast, powerful, and safe- but it’s only as good as it’s pilot.

Minecraft Mech Lab by infinityunbound
Minecraft Mech Lab

Getting in some more Minecraft time in the lab.


Pretty much done with the Mechanical Monster Mob. Old superman enemies that make good guards in pairs.


You know? I feel remarkably safe with these guys around…


Probably because they are twice the size, health, and strength as an Iron Golem. And unlike an Iron Golem these guys are actually useful! They attack ALL mobs including creepers. And they take no explosion damage thanks to their 15 block knock back punch.


Still – I wish they had a ranged attack… Anything that can attack flying mobs… I really need to learn how to code for long range flamethrowers.



Madness is a Gift. This is the box it comes in.
"Ignorance is only bliss until the check arrives."

That's my perspective on life.


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